All 2020 tours, forign and domestic, have been postponed until 2021

Sadly, we have had to postpone all of our 2020 departures until 2021

Sadly, we have had to postpone all of our 2020 departures until 2021Sadly, we have had to postpone all of our 2020 departures until 2021

Lama Glenn Mullin

Pilgrimage to China, Tibet, & Mt. Kailash 2021

27- Day Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage  -   May 16th – June 11th  2021

This Pilgrimage was planned for these same dates in 2020... and then the world literally shut down.  Had we cancelled the trip, everyone would have been left to negotiate with their Trip Insurance company, for re-imbursement. Instead, by simply delaying the pilgrimage for a year,   the payments that were made by those that were pfficially ostponed,  will be applied to the prices for this 2021  program.  PLUS, we are inviting  as many as  8 additional guests.  


 This will be Lama Glenn's last pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, the sacred mountain in Western Tibet,  that are the source of the four holiest rivers of the Indian Sub-Continent.  In recent years, I have led my Tibet Tours,  meeting and departing in Nepal, and I am planning on leading a Tibet  & Nepal with an extension to Bhutan in the fall of 2021. 

After meeting in Beijing, and sightseeing there for 2 days, we will fly to  Tibet, where we spend the next  two days visiting the sacred places in Lhasa and  Tsetang,  to acclimatize to  the 12,000 ft. altitude, Then we will drive to Kailash for our traditional  (Korra) 4-day walk-around.  All accommodations are "best available", and some may be considered rustic  - yet authentic.  You'll be provided 3 meals daily, and have a support staff with us during our entire pilgrimage.      NOTE:  Hundreds of visitors a year come to this place simply to submerge themselves into the energy, staying behind  on the walk-around to meditate and visit the sacred lake and temples while others do the walk is both acceptable and common ...  We may have some  in our own group that are complete in themselves without the (walk around).      Everyone  will be well cared for and you're in good hands with our tour operators,  local guides and Lama Glenn  the entire journey.

On the return program, we will drive back to Lhasa and fly to Beijing to end the pilgrimage, 

or continue on to a 5-day optional post-tour to Nepal

(Note: Lama Glenn will not be leading this Nepal  Extension)




Watch for our 2021 England/Ireland/Scotland programs, and our "Back to Egypt" trips, built to follow in the footsteps of famous Egyptologist John Anthony West.

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About us...

Lama Glenn Mullin - Trips to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Mt. Kailash, Mongolia and more....

      Lama Glenn Mullin, spends his time leading pilgrimages of small groups, to the power places of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Mongolia.     He lived  in the Indian Himalayas between 1972 and 1984, when he was training under some of the greatest Buddhist teachers of that time...     including His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama...   that was the time and place that  Glenn became a Lama.   Lama Glenn is a Canadian Irishman...  a mix that adds  character and the human traits of humor and understanding,  to his vast wealth of Ancient Knowledge. He's perhaps the most important and knowledgeable curators of ancient Tibetan  art and artifacts, on the planet today.   Now in addition to his 8-month schedule of teaching and lecturing around the world,   Lama Glenn leads one or two small private tour groups a year to these sacred sites.  If you're fortunate enough to  be able to actually sign-up, and be included in one of these pilgrimages,  it will become a moment of time that you will cherish throughout your lifetime !

Visit his site at

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         On a Runaway Journeys  program,  (formally Mystical Journeys ...) 

 you'll be experiencing some of the most powerful places on the planet,  Guided and let by some of the best known and most knowledgeable experts in these areas…  and on each program, you'll  be joining others of like mind and consciousness, for a life changing experience !     What makes this company unique is the custom design of every tour, allowing our guests more than a sightseeing trip… these are experiential journeys. 


       All Runaway Journeys tours are First Class, "all-inclusive," and custom designed in every detail.    Small groups of between 8 & 20 guests stay independently in 4-5* hotels, enjoy 1st class transportation, and 3 meals daily. All groups are fully escorted, luggage is handled, and you’ll have licensed English speaking professional guides throughout. 

    Our former tour leaders  were known and important personalities such as Louise Hay, Deepok Chopra, Wayne Dyer,  Paul Solomon, John Anthony West, and others... (even some famous artists and musicians). 


    Former tour  hosts  (building the groups) ranged from The International New Thought  Alliance, Unity Churches International, Science of Mind Magazine, The Theosophical Society,  The New Age Journal, which we started owned and published...  New Age Travel (publication and internet site)  Spirit Quest Magazine, and hundreds of Individual Christian Churches ministries,  and Spiritual and Religious centers (large, and small) around the world. 


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          As a wholesale tour operator, selling direct to our guests. We do not work with or sell our tours through retail Travel Agencies... instead we offer the standard 10% agency commission to our guests as wholesale pricing, and to anyone that can simply organize a group of 10 or more to travel with them, they get to travel FREE (one free for every 10 guests). This could be a company incentive trip, meeting or cruise, or a pre or post reunion extra meeting time, a church group, or even a large family gathering for an event or reunion.   Any number of days, and anyplace in the world...   We've sent groups to or worked with groups from 32 different countries!

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