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Spring 2019 Tibet & Nepal PLUS the base station at Mt Everest Spring 2020 pilgramage to Mt. Kailash

       The trip of a lifetime to Tibet & Nepal...    Lama Glenn leads small groups here every year...  

but for 2019, we have 4 guests already signed up that were on earlier Lama Genn trips...    That says a lot !

        This year, you'll be coaching back from Tibet to Katmandu, Nepal - and stopping at the base station of Mount Everest along the way.  Yes, it's a long drive out, but the overall scenery of the landscape of Tibet, coupled with the stop over at Mt. Everest, make this return trip spectacular.

Fast forward to the 2020 Tibet & Nepal program, and that  24 day pilgramage

 includes the traditional walk aroud the Sacred Mountain, Mt. Kailash... which is  regarded 

as the most sacred power place on the planet for Hindues and Buddhists alike.   

Every Tibetan hopes to visit and experience this traditional khorra (“Walkaround”) at least once in his or her lifetime.
Your chance will come in May - June of 2020, and that program will have only a limited number of guests. 

 If you wait and see, you'll probably miss out.  We are already accepting reservations (form below) to 

secure your participation  on this pilgrimage, 

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Egypt is the destination we started with in 1995...  working with Quest Travel and Mohamed Nazmy

Runaway Journeys Presents - The Mysteries of Egypt

This is the destination we started with in 1985, and sent thousands of guests there.


         Six months ago, we made contact with Mohamed Nazmy, President and founder of "Quest Travel",  and through Mohamed, his son, and his daughter, we are coordinating ALL of the details  to build a Reunion tour, for the thousands of visitors we sent there over 2 decades ago. Egypt is like no other place on earth for any visitor. Nothing seems like it could possibly be real... most of what you'll see actually defies ligic, science, and physics.  As the owner of Runaway Journeys, I first visited Egypt in the late 80's as an Engineer on vacation.  Two years later, I had sold my Engineering firm,  and started "Mystical Journeys" -  Focusing on taking sightseeing trips, and creating  speritual and  experiential journeys to the worlds most sacred places. 

         Unfortunately, Mohamed passed away in August 2018, from an illness that he had been fighting for nearly a year... leaving hundreds of friends, and famimly devistated.   Mohamed Nazmy, with Quest Travel was the only Egyprian Tour Oporator, that we would ever use.

          Now, in Mohamed's passing,  are working at this with his son,  daughter, and longtime partner Emil,  starting Egyptian Pilgramages back under our new name, Runaway Journeys...   and we look forwrd to having  programd available in  the spring and fall  of 2020.

                                                                            Check back with us for updates !


      Runaway Journeys is a wholesale group tour operator, and what we do (famously I might add), is 

custom design 10 to 20 day hosted and guided tours to the worlds most famous and powerful places.  

        We don't use or pay Travel Agencies...  as wholesalers we only work directly with our hosts and their guests... and your hosted program will never  be blended with or mixed with another group. Each tour is custom and travels, tours, and experiences  together  

      To host a custom journey, all you need is 10 guests, and you will travel free. With 20 guests, 2 can travel free... as as wholesalers, no-one is ever up-charged to offset the free trips. (Our hosts act as our travel agents, and their free travel is their reward.   All programs are 5-Star and all-inclusive !

     For more information, mail back the information request form below. . 

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About us...

Lama Glenn Mullin - Trips to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and more....

      Lama Glenn Mulin, spends his time between writing, teaching, meditating, and leading tour groups to the power places of Nepal and Tibet.    Glenn lived in the Indian Himalayas between 1972 and 1984,    Glenn leads small private tour groups to the power places of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.  

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Runaway Journeys

     What makes this company unique is the custom design of every tour; allowing our guests more than a sightseeing trip… these are experiential journeys. Hosted and led by known and recognized experts in their field,  a Runaway Journeys tour is First Class, "all-inclusive," and is custom designed in every detail. Small groups of between 8 & 40 guests stay independently in 4-5* hotels, enjoy 1st class transportation, and 3 meals daily. All groups are fully escorted, luggage is handled, and you’ll have licensed English speaking professional guides throughout. 

                                                             (Seriously... in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, you'll be traving every day, all the way, with a Lama ???) 

      You'll be experiencing some of the most powerful places on the planet, led by some of the best known and most knowledgeable experts in these areas… joining others of like mind and consciousness, for a life changing experience !


A world of ancient treasures, that will present you with more age-old questions and mysteries, than answers.  It's on more bucket lists than anywhere on the planet... and once you visit there, you'll understand why.  (I went there once in 1984 to visit... returned and started-up Mystical Journeys and sent thousaands of guests there over 14 years, and have been back, on my own personal trips, 8 times).

                                     Jack Schafer, Founder & President