Group leaders and hosts of 10 or more guests, always travel FREE !

Tours to famous places... FREE TRAVEL ? just host a group of 10 guests

Lama Glenn  leads tours each year... He is reccognized around the world  for his knowledge and experience in these areas.

Egypt is the destination we started with in 1995...  working with Quest Travel and Mohamed Nazmy

Runaway Journeys Presents - The Mysteries of Egypt

This is the destination we started with in 1985, and sent thousands of guests there.

      We have just made contact with Mohamed Nazmy, President and founder of "Quest Travel",  and through Mohamed, his son, and his daughter, we are coordinating ALL of the details  to build a Reunion tour, for the thousands of 1st time visitors we sent there over 2 decades ago !

      A brochure with exact dates and pricing for this  January 2019 program  is posted below.  If you've traveled with us before, you get a 10% discount... if you can sign-up 5 or more quests (plus yourself), you'll receive a 50% discount on your trip... 10 guests plus yourself, you travel free !

     Mohamed Nazmy, Founder and President of "Quest Travel", and his family,  will direct ALL of our ongoing tours there. 

                   There just is no better wau to experience Egypt... and  we wouldn't do it any other way  !

Complete the information requestm form below for ore information, or give me a call 770-289-3241


    Runaway Journeys is a wholesale tour operators, and what we do (famously I might add), is pass along the travel agency commissions to our guests and hosts.  Anyone travel agent can increase the price per-guest, to add-on a free trip for you...  but we've found a better way.  

        We don't use Travel Agencies - we pay you   their commissions as free travel. One Free for every 10 guests - 2 for 20, 10% cash on everyone beyond that.

    Your group travels independently... stays together throughout the journey, and everythng is 5 - Star, and all-inclusive.  There is no betteer way to travel. 

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We can also customize travel programs to other destination...

Ask us about The Holyland, India, Peru, Europe, and even speciality cruises... 

We've done companuy trips, reunion of all kinds, and incentive programs... let us help you think it, and together we  can make it work

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Make sure to include your phone number in the message area, and if you are interested in the Fall 2018 trip or the Spring 2019 trip.

About us...

Lama Glenn Mullin

 ... is a Tibetologist, Buddhist writer of over 20 books in print, translator of classical Tibetan literature, and teacher of Tantric Buddhist meditation. He divides his time between writing, teaching, meditating, and leading tour groups to the power places of Nepal and Tibet.    Glenn lived in the Indian Himalayas between 1972 and 1984,    Glenn leads small private tour groups to the power places of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.  Visit his site at

Runaway Journeys

     What makes this company unique is the custom design of every tour; allowing our guests more than a sightseeing trip… these are experiential journeys. Hosted and led by known and recognized expert in their field,  a Runaway Journeys tour is First Class, "all-inclusive," and is custom designed in every detail. Small groups of between 8 & 40 guests stay independently in 4-5* hotels, enjoy 1st class transportation, and 3 meals daily. All groups are fully escorted, luggage is handled, and you’ll have licensed English speaking professional guides throughout. 

      (Seriously... in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, you'll be traving every day, all the way, with a Lama ???) 

      You'll be experiencing some of the most powerful places on the planet, led by some of the best known and most knowledgeable experts in these areas… joining others of like mind and consciousness, for a life changing experience !


A world of ancient treasures, that will present you with more age-old questions and mysteries, than answers.  It's on more bucket lists than anywhere on the planet... and once you visit there, you'll understand why.  (I went there once in 1984 to visit... returned and started-up Mystical Journeys and sent thousaands of guests there over 14 years, and have been back, on my own personal trips, 8 times.

                                     Jack Schafer, Founder & President

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Jack & Judy Schafer, 770-289-3241

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